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Hannamari Jalovaara

Hannamari's background studies consist of her formal art education as well as a degree in Art Therapy. Throughout her professional career she has drawn inspiration from coalescing her academic endeavours with being a practicing artist. In addition to spending her formative years in the Far East, she has lived and studied art making in Europe and Canada. Her images integrate a variety of printmaking styles combining simultaneously the precise craftsmanship of traditional intaglio with monotype printing of a more spontaneous and painterly nature. Her imagery is influenced by her Nordic heritage together with a Western iconography of universal storytelling. Hannamari's work has been exhibited internationally, and is included in both public and private collections.

"I am intrigued by universal and elemental forms where patterns of nature repeat. Through the act of discovering connections I become aware of the metaphysical profundity between uniformity and individuality, which transforms the way I relate to imagery and the world."