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Milos Jones

Milos’ prints on paper or clay are reminiscent of shards that depict a distant historical past, redolent with the innate desire to form human bonds to procreate. Vessel forms are the vehicle that expresses the longing for an archetypal soulmate; to belong and to be loved. Milos has eleven years of post secondary education in the area of Fine Arts culminating in a MFA at the University of Calgary and Master Printer training at Tamarind Institute in New Mexico. She has taught printmaking in Secondary and Post Secondary Schools, as well as instructed at various printmaking workshops in North America. She has also worked as a Master Printer in Lithography, and has exhibited her work in exhibitions in Japan, U.S.A. and throughout Canada.

“My lithographic prints are the product of my contemplation of ceramic and lithographic histories, other artist’s work, and visual interpretations of nature. The qualities inherent to the lithographic process augment my print work, enhancing the sensual interlay of the forms created.”