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Rina Pita

Rina has a background in Industrial Design and Landscape Architecture. Later she obtained a BFA at the University of Victoria, BC. Upon graduation, she enrolled at the School of Visual Arts, in NYC, for further studies in painting. Her work addresses time and space in terms of light and sequential movement and how these elements play against each other and are imprinted through photography. In her narrative mixed media works the figure becomes an integral part of psychological realms. Her work addresses the nature of memories as they relate to the social and cultural rituals of her personal environment and the ambiguous boundary between real, perceived and borrowed memories. Her work is in several private collections and has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

"My imagery on paper and canvas is influenced by personal video recordings of everyday family life which explores the nature of memories and the passage of time. An interest in story telling moves me to interpret the sequences of events imprinted on the frames of the film which then become the basis and matrix for mixed media works."